Saints of the Day – Blessed Jutta of Diessenberg, Abbess


(also known as Judith)

Born in Germany; died 1136. Jutta was the sister of Meginhard, Count Palatine of Spanheim. The saint retired to a cell near the monastery-church of Disenberg (Disibodi Mons). Soon a group of dedicated Christian women gathered around her and she formed them into a Benedictine community of which she was abbess for 20 years. Entrusted to the care of Jutta was a weak girl who was to become one of Germany’s greatest mystics, Saint Hildegard of Bingen. Jutta taught the young girl to read Latin, cared for her physical needs, and taught her hymns and the Psalms.

When Jutta died in 1136, Hildegard became prioress in her place. Hildegard added her own testimony to Jutta’s goodness. ‘Jutta was like a river with many tributaries,’ she wrote, ‘overflowing with the grace of God. Until the very moment that a joyful death freed her from this mortal life, she never ceased to fast, pray, and wait on God, keeping her body under control by many acts of penance.’ Countless men and women of the region continued to venerate Jutta’s memory and visit her tomb (Benedictines, Bentley, Encyclopedia).

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