Saints of the Day – Blessed Ivetta of Huy, Widow

detail of an engraving of Blessed Ivette of Huy by Thomas de Lau, c.1586; uploaded by Philcotof; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(also known as Jutta) Died 1228. Blessed Ivetta was a Dutch mystic, who was widowed at age 18 with three children. Consecrating her widowhood to God, she nursed lepers in a lazaretto for ten years before she took to the solitary life, in which she spent more than forty years. She is famous for her gifts of the discernment of spirits and counsel (Benedictines, Gill). Blessed Ivetta is portrayed in art in widow’s weeds or religious habit with a red-hot tripod. Sometimes she may be shown kneeling in ecstasy in a hut or tending lepers. She is venerated in the Netherlands (Roeder).

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