Saints of the Day – Blessed Christina Bruzo (Bruso)

Blessed Christina of StommelnArticle

(also known as Christina of Stommeln)

Born at Stommeln (near Cologne), Germany, in 1242; died 1312; cultus confirmed in 1908.

Christina Bruzo (Bruso), like her namesake in Belgium, could be styled ‘the Astonishing,’ since her life is a continuous record of most extraordinary phenomenon which indeed would tax our credulity, but they were recorded by a contemporary Dominican, her parish priest.

In 1268, Christina received stigmatic wounds in her hands, feet, on her forehead and in her side, which bled every Easter. She unsuccessfully tried to keep them secret. She was harassed by terrifying demons: Others saw her hurled against a wall by an unseen power and, according to one report ‘spattered and polluted with deluges of indescribable filth.’

She experienced religious raptures and divine ecstasies on Whitsunday 1268, after communion. Christina is said to have viewed the Eucharist as a perpetual commemoration of her marriage to Christ. Her preserved skull shows markings and indentations supposedly corresponding to a crown of thorns (Benedictines, Harrison).

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