Saints of the Day – Blaesilla of Rome, Widow


(also known as Blesilla) Died in Rome, Italy, 383. Daughter of patrician Saint Paula and sister of Saint Eustochium, early in life Blaesilla followed in her mother’s elegant footsteps and, like her saintly mother, practiced great austerities. When Saint Jerome arrived in Rome in 382, their friend Saint Marcella insisted he should teach their group of pious women Hebrew and exegesis. The young widow, Blaesilla threw herself so vehemently into the ascetic life that in 384, at age 20, she died. The widow Paula was almost crazy with grief, but the young, sarcastic Jerome rebuked her and promised to glorify Blaesilla by writing about her, which he did. Jerome also began his translation of the book of Ecclesiastes at the request of Saint Blaesilla (Attwater2, Benedictines, Coulson, Encyclopedia, Martindale)

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