Saints of the Day – Amnichad of Fulda, O.S.B., Hermit


(also known as Anmchadh, Amnuchad) Died 1043. Amnichad may have been born either in Ireland or Scotland. It is said that he travelled to Germany after having been banished by Corcoran from the monastery of Iniscaltra on the Shannon because he broke the abbey’s rule by once providing additional refreshments to visitors between meals. Thereafter Amnichad wandered through Europe until he settled himself as a monk at Fulda in Germany, where he had himself walled up in a cell to live the rest of his life as a anchorite. Sixteen years after his death, Blessed Marianus Scotus joined Fulda. He records that daily for ten years he celebrated Mass over the tomb of Amnichad, around which a supernatural light was often seen and a heavenly psalmody was heard (Benedictines, D’Arcy, Gougaud, Kenney, O’Hanlon, Tommasini).

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