Saints of the Day – Abbo of Fleury, Abbot

Saint Abbo of FleuryArticle

Born near Orléans, France, c.945; died 1004. Saint Abbo studied in Paris, Rheims, and Orléans. Finally, he settled at the monastery of Fleury-sur-Loire (Saint-Benoît-sur- Loire). In about 986, Saint Oswald of Worcester invited him to became director of the monastery school in Ramsey, Huntingdonshire, England. Two years later Abbo returned to Fleury to resume his studies. In 988, Abbo was elected abbot of Fleury, where he introduced the Cluniac observance; however, the election was disputed. The results were not finally accepted until quite some time later through the help of Gerbert, who later became Pope Sylvester II in 999.

Abbo fought for monastic independence of bishops, was mediator between the pope and the king of France, and was active in settling disputes in various monasteries. He was murdered while attempting to settle a dispute among the monks at La Réole in Gascony. Abbo was widely known as a scholar in astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy, wrote a Life of Saint Edmund, and edited a collection of canons (Benedictines, Delaney).

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