Saints and Their Symbols – Saint Adelaide of Germany

detail of a statue of Saint Adelaide, Abbess of Seltz, Alsace, France, date unknown, artist unknown; the coloring is from a stained glass window; photographed by Rh-67 in 2010; swiped off Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Or Alice, of Germany, A.D. 999, December 12, was the daughter of the Duke of Burgundy, and early married Lothaire, King of Italy. After his death she was imprisoned by his successor at Pavia, but escaped, and fled to Germany where she married the Emperor, Otho I. She spent her life in good works, and educated her son most carefully herself. Yet after the death of his father, he allowed himself to be influenced for evil by his wife, and he banished Adelaide from court. Misfortune, however, .befell him, and he recalled his mother, though his wife continued hostile to her After a reign of nine years Otho II and his wife both died and Adelaide became Kegent. She continued her works of mercy, particularly encouraging and building religious houees. She died when travelling, at Salcis. Symbol – with a veil.

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