Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 9 January

ChristmasMary – Her Place in the Mystery of the Nativity.

Mary occupies a very special place near the Crib. Nothing is more beautiful or instructive than her reverence, her recollection, her eagerness to receive all who render homage to the Saviour, to accept their offerings, to recommend their prayers to Him. She exercises the office of mediatrix between Jesus and those who come to Him and thus begins to be the great mediatrix between Heaven and earth. The Blessed Virgin merits to be called our way towards salvation. Perfect way, in which is found no mire, no dust, no trace of sin; universal way, suitable for all ages, all states of life, all degrees of virtue; easy way, on account of the superabundant graces of the Holy Spirit. On that way the traveller never tires, nor is tempted to turn back, the road seems bordered with roses; in short it is the nearest and most direct way, because the Heart of Mary is nearer to us than anything else by its mercy and nearer to God by its dignity. Let us then enter on this way that we may arrive at the fullness of Christ. “O Mary, if I call you the image of God, you are worthy of this name.” (Saint Augustine of Hippo)


“All for her – nothing without her, that is my secret to become perfect.” (verse composed and often sung to Mary by Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort)


Meditate on these words of a saint: “As breathing is a certain sign that a body still lives, so the frequent thought of and loving aspiration towards Mary proves that a soul is not dead towards God, nor ruined by sin.”