Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 9 April

Blessed Antony of PavoniBlessed Antony of Pavona, Martyr, O.P.

While yet a young religious, Blessed Antony attracted the faithful to the Church and edified them by his preaching, his modest manner and by his zeal in the confessional, and even by the agreeable and religious way in which he executed his monastic chant, making it, according to the recommendation of Saint Bernard, serve to bring out the sense of the words, rather than to obscure it. The Bishop of Turin confided to him the task of defending the faith against the heretics called the Vandois. Calumny and corruption being the means by which they best succeeded in propagating their false doctrines, this good soldier of Jesus Christ undertook to unmask their deceit by a clear, popular and convincing refutation, such as could be understood by the people, and to reform their ways by promoting the practice of evangelical virtues. God revealed to him that his zeal would cost him his life, and he said to the man who was shaving him: “Shave me with great care, as you would one going to a wedding.” “But there is no wedding going to take place here,” the man objected. “I Speak the truth, do not doubt it,” said Blessed Antony. And after he had spent the night in prayer, said Mass with fervor and preached the truth for the last time, seven heretics attacked him as he was coming out of the church and killed him. (1374)


“Do Thou, O Lord, vouchsafe to establish me on the firm foundation of faith, to defend me with the impregnable buckler of hope, and to clothe me with the nuptial garment of charity.” – Saint Thomas Aquinas


Pray for timid Catholics, especially for those who by their position set a notable example.