Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 8 January

Eighth Lesson of the Infant Jesus. Humility.

In order to lay in your heart all the foundation stones of the Christian life, add to the spirit of poverty, of purity and of obedience that of humility. Remember how Jesus, the Lord and Master of all things, became the servant of all, not of necessity, but of His own free choice. He is Himself the Eternal Wisdom; therefore His choice is an infallible judgment on the excellence of a life that is pure and upright, although lowly, despised, hidden from the eyes of men, but all the more dear to God. Would you be a true Christian? Do you wish to labor fruitfully for the salvation of your neighbor? Then show, by forgetfulness of self, by the calm acceptance of trial and by unreserved devotion to God, that you consider yourself inferior to all men. The world will believe in the virtue of those who are as generous in self-sacrifice as they are skilled in the art of hiding their good deeds. Sister Augustine Dagier, a Dominican Lay Sister, chose in this spirit to give herself to the most lowly and fatiguing occupations, saying that she would like to die “like an ass under its burden.” How much her work and her spirit must have pleased God!


O my God, make me die to this desire of appearing something before others, to the foolish vanity which puffs me up and makes me think myself great, which makes me desire to command and to lift up myself above others, which makes me in short, a disciple of Lucifer. (Father Massoulie, O.P.)


Persevere in the act of humility when preparing for meditation, for Confession and Holy Communion, also when you are exposed to temptation.