Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 8 April

Venerable Mary of the Ascension, Virgin, O.P.

Saint Teresa, who was so enlightened regarding the ways of the interior life, both by her own experience and by her intimacy with a number of souls very advanced in spiritual perfection, observes that, when God destines any one to a high state in the spiritual life. He usually prepares them for it by grievous sickness, or by severe interior trials. This preparation was not wanting in the case of Venerable Mary of the Ascension. She had to suffer various calumnies from her companions, a kind of trial most painful to a loyal soul, and then the desertion of those who were her most intimate friends, equally sad for one of a noble and sensitive nature. On the part of God, she was tried by sickness and by spiritual sufferings, which came upon her, sometimes one after another, sometimes all at the same time like a torrent, or an avalanche. But amidst these tribulations, she was able, like Saint Teresa, to preserve serenity of soul, and her intercourse both with her Sisters and with people in the world was full of kindness. “The devil,” she would say pleasantly, “desires to rob me of my good temper, but he is not going to have it.”


“Thy rod and Thy staff, O Lord, have been my consolation.” (Psalm 22:4) “Behold me in Thy hands, O Lord, I bow myself under the rod of Thy correction.” Saint Augustine of Hippo


Consider that affliction is a treasure for sinners, for penitents, for beginners and for the perfect (Blessed Henry Suso). Say five “Gloria Patri” with arms extended, asking pardon for the bad use you have made of your trials.