Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 7 April

Venerable Father Thomas Catimpre or de Champre, Confessor, O.P.

This holy servant of God without neglecting his secular studies showed a marked predilection for sacred authors from his early youth. At sixteen he took the habit of the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine. The opening of his apostolic career was greatly agitated by scruples; the sublime height and responsibility of his vocation used to make him tremble. But Saint Lutgarde, a Cistercian, whom he venerated and listened to as an oracle, obtained for him light and peace of conscience. He afterwards entered the Order of Saint Dominic (1232), and wrote a life of Saint Christina and also of his benefactress, Saint Lutgarde, who had already passed a better life, and of several other holy persons. His most celebrated work is “The Government of Bees,” in which he explains the economy of the spiritual life for the instruction of superiors and subjects under the figure of a beehive and the customs and habits of bees. His exalted piety, his profound humility, his ardent zeal, his cultivated mind, together with his simple yet dignified sweetness of manner, gained for him the friendship of the most distinguished persons of his time, and he was so universally held in esteem that his name is found inscribed in some lists of Belgian saints (127 – ?).


O my God, I will abandon myself entirely to Thy grace, as the Apostle bids us – yes, without reserve.


Strive to become, as is said of Saint Cecilia, “an industrious bee,” ruling your life well and producing the best of honey, partly from the examples of the saints, partly from the bitter sorrow of our earthly life.