Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 6 May

Octave Day of Saint Peter MartyrVenerable Father Bernard Guidonis, Bishop, O.P.

Venerable Father Bernard Guidonis entered the Order at Limoges, among religious advanced in sanctity, and he always gave evidence of having passed his early religious life in such holy company. Although he was prior and professor of theology at the same time, he refused to accept the dispensations by day and by night usually accorded to the latter office. His merits caused him to be sent to Rome, where the Pope confided to him several important missions, and he was made Procurator General of the Order. He was also obliged to accept the bishopric of Sodere. His numerous works, “Santoral,” “Chronicles of the Order,” etc., are much admired for their learning and wisdom. Having been made Inquisitor by the Holy See, he showed in his work, “Practice of the Inquisition,” the spirit of justice recommended by the Church to those who held authority in this tribunal. It was the custom of the heretics to propagate their errors in secret, therefore it was necessary to seek them out and unmask them, in order to uphold the honor and rights of God, also to protect the faithful and the general interests of human society. But once they were converted and instructed and brought back to the truth, they were sure of pardon by means of penance. “Let the judge,” says Bernard, “show himself inspired solely by zeal for souls and for the truth, ready to sacrifice his life for them.” He died in 1232, illustrious after, as before his death, by his miracles.


Vouchsafe, we beseech Thee, O Lord, to humble the enemies of the Church.


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