Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 6 March

Blessed Jordan of PisaBlessed Jordan of Pisa

Blessed Jordan was one of the most celebrated preachers in Italy in the fourteenth century. He had special gift and predilection for preaching on the goodness of God and was wont to say that there was matter enough for thirty sermons on His benefits in the order of nature alone. His devotion to Mary was so great that, on the days when her Office was to be recited in the dormitory, he always intoned Matins himself and did so in a voice which filled the Friars with devotion. One of his conquests was the Blessed Sylvester, who reached a high degree of sanctity among the Camaldolese. Blessed Jordan was endowed with so excellent a memory that he learnt all the Holy Scriptures by heart, especially the Epistles of Saint Paul, which he greatly esteemed. He was incited to this devotion by seeing Saint Thomas Aquinas, then still living, bow his knees in veneration before these Epistles in the sacristy and kiss them. Blessed Jordan joined to his profound learning an eminent sanctity, above all a great sweetness which gave him a kind of sovereignty over hearts and gained him universal sympathy. At the first sign of obedience, he left off preaching and started for Paris, to become professor of theology. But at Piacenza he was stopped by death, or rather he was found worthy of his reward (1313).


Blessed Jordan, obtain for us love and understanding of the Holy Scriptures, especially the Epistles of Saint Paul.


Fix in your memory some verses of Psalm 36, to meditate on them during the day.