Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 6 February

Venerable Father Peter Girardel, O.P.

He brought to the noviceship a very lively and exurberant temperament, but he succeeded so well in overcoming it by grace that no one ever saw him angry, or heard him say a useless word. He ably assisted Father Michaelis in the restoration of regular discipline, which had become relaxed in Provence and Languedoc, owing to the evil times. Knowing that the cause of this relaxation was the neglect of prayer, Father Peter set himself to reestablish its practice and, in order to render it. more attractive, easy and fruitful, he composed a scheme of subjects for meditation. A little book on the presence of God, founded on the Pater, is attributed to him, though inserted by Arnaud among the works of Saint Teresa. His apostolic zeal caused him several times to face death prepared for him at the hands of the Calvinists. He never preached without having first mortified his body and prayed with tears. He was several times surrounded by celestial light when praying, and it was attested that he worked a number of miracles. He ended his days in Rome. The Father General Rudolph, who assisted him on his death-bed, having asked of him some words of edification, he said: “Action is everything,” repeating in another form the sentence of the Apostle: “Faith without works is dead,” and also those of Our Saviour to the Jewish lawyer who had just enumerated the precepts of the decalogue: “This do and thou shalt live” (1633).


By faith in Thee, O my God, man knows Thy will and submits to Thee his own, which thus becomes active and powerful. – Saint Catherine of Siena


Practice some mortification before undertaking any work of zeal.