Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 5 April

detail from the polyptych of Saint Vincenzo Ferreri, by Giovanni Bellini, 1464-1468, Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo, Venice, ItalySaint Vincent Ferrer, Confessor, O.P.

God healed Saint Vincent Ferrer of a serious malady and said to him: “Go and preach against vice, for I have chosen thee specially for this work.” From that time he never ceased to preach the Gospel in all parts of Europe, trying to rouse souls from their lethargy by the consideration of the judgments of God. His miracles were so numerous and the crowds of people who attended his missions so extraordinary, that to prevent his being suffocated it was necessary for him, on entering a town, to be surrounded by a strong wooden hoop. “How about vanity all this time?” some one asked him. “It comes and it goes,” the saint answered frankly and wittily, “but it does not stay,” meaning that he could feel it, though he did not consent to it. His little treatise on the “Spiritual Life” is admired for its wisdom and spirit of penetration. It may be summed up into two maxims: to lose oneself in humility, and then to unite oneself to Our Lord Jesus Christ to receive a new life from him. He died at Vannes in Brittany, where his relics are still preserved (1419). There is a special blessing of Saint Vincent which is very efficacious for gardens and vines, and another for the cure, or at least improvement in health, and sanctification of the sick.


O Jesus, I entreat Thee to give me at the hour of death, consciousness, the power of speech and a deep contrition.


Judge no one, either openly or in thought, remembering that God will treat you at the judgment as you have treated others.