Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 4 March

Venerable Father Leonard, Confessor, O.P.

This saintly religious, even as a child, had such a devotion to the Holy Rosary that he often had to be sought for in the church, where he never tired of reciting it at the feet of Mary. He became an able director of pious souls and led them, according to their various capacities and their efforts in overcoming themselves, along the steep paths of prayer and sacramental Communion. When in the course of his ministry he was obliged to take long and painful journeys from one monastery to another, he rejoiced to offer to the Lord this sacrifice which he called “Sacrificium medullatum.”

The one thing which cost him most in the matter of obedience was to relate the favors bestowed on him by Heaven. He was so tormented with temptations against purity, that in his anguish he entreated all pious souls to pray for him, to obtain for him a little respite. One of them saw in the hands of Mary the crown destined for the servant of God, in which several flowers were missing. He understood by this that in order to complete their number, it was necessary for him to suffer these trials, like Saint Paul, to the end: Among the angels who filled his cell at the time of his death, his angel guardian was seen joyfully holding in his hand Venerable Father Leonard’s form of profession written in golden letters. At his funeral the organ played without human hands (1621).


O my God, I do not ask to be without temptations, but that I may be humble and watchful under them.


Meditate on the words of Blessed Humbert: “Temptations to pride, envy, vengeance, etc., are useful: (1) to teach us how to fight against them; (2) to drive away negligence; (3) to progress in virtue; (4) to prevent presumption; (5) to instruct others; (6) to obtain a crown of reward.”