Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 4 June

Venerable Father Brocard of Strasburg, Confessor, O.P.

While this servant of God was pursuing his studies in theology in Paris, Blessed Reginald appeared there like another Elias, rousing up by his preaching and the grand lesson of his example, the ancient city which had formerly applauded him as a professor of canon law. Divine grace made use of him to lead our student to his feet to ask for the holy habit, and no doubt it was due to his interviews with Blessed Reginald, who had been on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, that he felt such an attraction for the Holy Land, that land always beautiful by its memories to those of strong faith, a land always sweet and strengthening even in its desolation. The General Chapter sent him there in company with Blessed James Xaron, who was later on regarded as a saint in Candia, and Blessed Stephen of Susiquan, who was related to the royal family of Cyprus. They founded several convents at Bethlehem, Nazareth, etc. Thanks be to God, this early planting of our Order in the Holy Land has been renewed in our own days by the foundation of the Convent of Saint Stephen at Jerusalem, on the very site of the basilica dedicated by the Empress Eudoxia to the proto-martyr.


O my God, how ill do I correspond to Thy inspirations!


When some unattractive work is required to be done, or some service which no one cares to undertake, offer yourself humbly to your superior’s with a good will and without affectation.