Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 31 May

Blessed James SalomoneBlessed James Salomon, Confessor, O.P.

Blessed James was instructed in piety and taught the ceremonies and chant by a Cistercian, and, having heard that the Choral Office was held in high esteem among the Friars Preachers, he came to ask for the habit in their convent at Venice. The martyr ology read with faith, furnished him with many subjects for prayer, and not content with celebrating the various feasts in the Choir, he also kept them after a manner of his own in his cell. After Matins he used to hear the confessions of the religious who came to him, especially some of the younger Friars who were zealous for progress and eager to have his counsel. His gift of contemplation was so high and so continual that he often repeated the words of Saint Jerome: “Happy the tongue which can only speak of God.” But he carefully hid under a veil of humility the celestial favors he received. The Rosary was his favorite prayer; once during the cold of November, a beautiful rose grew up in his path, which he carried to the Friars, to increase their fervor in praising Mary, of whom it was a sweet and beautiful symbol. He foretold the day of his death and even after having received the last Sacraments, he continued to chant in the Choir with the others till his last breath. He died at the age of 83, having spent sixty-six years in religion. (1314)


O Blessed Mary, Mystic Rose, leave in my heart at the end of this month the sweet odor of thy virtues.


Recite the glorious mysteries of the Rosary before the altar of Mary.