Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 31 March

Venerable Mary Margaret of Saint Thomas, Virgin, O.P.

At the time when she was about to be married, the parents of the Venerable M. Margaret sent her to visit her sister, who was being educated in a convent, in the hope that she would embrace the religious life. But the thoughts of God are not as our thoughts and quite the contrary happened; for the sister in the convent left it to live in the world, while Margaret, boldly cutting off her hair, put on a religious dress and entered the convent. As she possessed a tender and affectionate heart, desiring to watch against her own natural inclinations, she made a vow to love God alone and to have no friendship but His. In order to keep this vow, she avoided the society of those among her Sisters to whom she felt most attracted, and tied her feet to her cell when she felt a desire to go and talk to others. The violence she did to herself, in order not to reply to reproaches, was so great that her face became quite blue and convulsed. But she held fast to her resolution and by patience with herself and perseverance she acquired a sweet and gentle manner. Such is the price at which strong and holy habits are formed, but those who succeed in forming them are rewarded even in this world.


My God, I will love Thee only!


Read the eighth chapter of Book II of the “Imitation of Christ”, dwelling especially on the verse: “Neither desire that any one’s heart should be set on thee, nor do thou let thyself be taken up with the love of any one, but let Jesus be in thee and in every good man.”