Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 30 May

Venerable Father Peter of Aragon

This truly apostolic man devoted himself entirely to the country missions as being the most laborious for the missioner, the most fruitful for souls and the most consoling for the apostle. Little children were the objects of his special care and love. He made friends with them by distributing to them little delicacies and then profited by the opportunity to give them, in a pleasant way, some teaching on the great truths of religion and to plant in their souls, so dear to God, the desire and love of virtue and courage to practice it. Thus, when he appeared in any district, all the children ran to meet him and accompanied him to the church, singing hymns. Father Peter excelled in composing prayers exactly suited to the needs of those who came to him, and these prayers sometimes were answered by miracles. Tried by great sorrows towards the end of his life, he kept himself peacefully united with Jesus on the Cross and repeated with Job: “If I have received good things at the hand of God shall I not also receive evil.” (about 1500)


O my God, preserve me from causing scandal to even one of Thy little ones.


At the close of this beautiful month of Mary see how you can end it joyfully and holily and especially take care to gain all the indulgences possible.