Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 30 March

Venerable Father Melchior Cano, Confessor, O.P.

The learned world knows Father Melchior Cano, who was the initiator of special studies on true religion and the divinity of Christianity, foreseeing that, in the rationalistic tendencies of modern times, such studies would claim a more and more important place in theological teaching. The other Melchior Cano, of whom we now speak, was his nephew, his inferior in learning, but not in virtue. Saint Teresa bears witness to this in writing to Father Bannes: “I have had a visit from Father Cano. If there were a number in his Order of the same stamp, you could fill convents with contemplative religious. What real piety! Oh, what a beautiful soul God possesses in this religious! He has greatly consoled me.” He had frequent ecstasies at the altar, in his cell and even in the chapter-room during the Martyrology on Christmas Eve. In his zeal he caused himself to be carried to the confessional when he could no longer walk; when going out of the convent he prayed to be preserved from the corruption of the world, and on returning he thanked God for having given him grace to work for Him. The Papal Nuncio instituted a judicial inquiry regarding his sanctity, but he is one of the many sons of Saint Dominic whose complete glorification is reserved for the Church in Heaven. (1607)


Saint Teresa, obtain for the sons of Saint Dominic fidelity to the two-fold spirit of their vocation.


When you go out into the town, pray; on returning examine if you have given edification, “carrying Christ in your mortal body.” (1 Corinthians 6:20)