Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 30 January

Blessed John Aurias, O.P. (Peru)

Although already of mature age when he entered the Order, Blessed John made a fervent novitiate, being noted especially for his child-like simplicity. As the old chronicles say, “it is a difficult and meritorious work for those who have enjoyed full liberty, and have been accustomed to judge for themselves on all matters and to command others, to embrace the religious life, for such, for example, as enter, being already priests.” He fell, however, into a state of tepidity on account of his too great love of human science in preference to the divine, and also through over-anxiety regarding his health after an illness. A vision of God as an angry Judge converted him and caused him to lead a life of recollection and penance. When urged to mitigate his penances on certain days, he replied: “My body requires to be conquered on these days as on all others.” His special devotion consisted in offering all his actions to Mary, that she might render them more agreeable to Jesus by investing them with her own merits. He desired to die without causing any inconvenience to his brethren, and predicted that he would do so. This proved true, for, after having celebrated Holy Mass with extraordinary devotion, he fell asleep in the Lord during his thanksgiving, seated in his stall, with his rosary in his left hand and the right placed on his heart, at the age of seventy (1609).


O my God, may I rather die than fall into relaxation!


Place yourself in spirit before the judgment seat of God, and seek to find out that for which you will be the most severely reproached, in order that you may correct it promptly and thoroughly, while there is still time.