Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 3 March

Sister Jane of Leires, Tertiary, O.P.

Having married an Italian gentleman at Marseilles, Jane lived with him for forty years without any cloud to trouble their union. Her twelve children were all brought up in peace and union, their most serious disputes being on the subject of the leavings at table, at the time when the Venerable Father Antony of the Blessed Sacrament came to live under their parents* roof. Thanks to the prayers of this man of God, two of these children became Friars Preachers. Jane, admitted to the Third Order, added several other weekly fasts to the one prescribed by the rule on Fridays, and recited from time to time, besides that of the Blessed Virgin, several other little Offices, the variety of which excited her interior taste for devotion; she also had the Rosary recited in common every day. To these daily exercises she added a weekly pilgrimage on Saturdays to Notre Dame de la Garde and also one every year to the Sainte Baume, to Saint Maximin, to Cept in honor of Saint Anne, or to Notre Dame des Lumieres near her birthplace. She had the courage, in spite of her feelings of repugnance, to take into her service a whole family of heretics, in order gently to enlighten and convert them. The mother proved the most troublesome, but she was at last overcome by the kindness and the prayers of her mistress, who died soon after in beautiful dispositions of self-abandonment to God.


O my God, I live too much for myself; that is why I do so little good to those around me!


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