Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 3 June

Blessed Dominic of Valerica, Confessor, O.P.

In spite of all that has been taught and practiced by our Divine Master, the part played by poverty in the Christian life remains a mystery understood by very few. Most people look upon it as a trial, perhaps inevitable, but always hard; only here and there a small number of persons are sufficiently enlightened to discover in it a beauty and dignity, a blessing and a means of sanctity. Amongst this number was Father Dominic, the Apostle of Bazas. He loved poverty so much that he only cared to converse with the poor, of whom he took the greatest care, both in their temporal and spiritual needs. In this he resembled Venerable Marie Lopez, a lay Sister, who gave to the poor the best part of her dinner, with permission, because obedience should regulate both poverty and charity. Blessed Father Dominic, having fallen ill, faithful to his old attraction, would only be nursed in the public hospital, and it was there that he died, surrounded by the sick poor whom he revered as princes and cherished like brothers. (1260) Several sick persons have been cured by kissing the earth of his grave.


O my Jesus, it is Thou Whom I recognize and desire to serve in the person of my neighbor! What a wonderful invention of love, what ravishing goodness thus to put Thyself at my door every hour of the day!


Visit the sick in some neighboring hospital or, if this be impossible, deprive yourself of something for the benefit of the sick or poor.