Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 3 January

Third Lesson of the Infant Jesus. Purity.

The Word of God is “the spotless radiance of the Eternal Light.” In taking our nature, He loses nothing of His infinite purity. He even makes use of our humanity as an instrument to sanctify the whole human race. Whilst yet lying in His crib, He reveals to us His love of chastity by the choice He makes of His first adorers, men who by their simplicity and purity are found worthy of a place near the Blessed Virgin Mother and Saint Joseph. In submitting His tender body to the inclemency of the season, He points out to us at the same time one of the chief means of guarding this treasure – mortification of the senses. What an honor to be called on to practice in a more or less perfect degree this virtue of the angels, lightly called “the beautiful virtue.” But what vigilance and what a spirit of prayer are needful in order to remain faithful to it, in preserving all the senses, the imagination, the memory, the heart, in honor and virtue. So thought Margaret of Saint Thomas, O.P., who, with a holy jealousy of the divine predilections, promised by a special vow to avoid those persons for whom she felt a natural inclination, instead of seeking them and enjoying their society.


Apply to yourself the words of Saint Dominic to his children, when he was dying: “It is by purity of life and the fragrance of a good name that you will do wonders among the people.”


If you receive visits, watch over your words and looks, remembering that “death enters by the windows,” that is by the eyes.