Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 29 May

Blessed William ArnaudBlessed William Arnaldi and Companions, Martyrs of Avignonnet, O.P.

Blessed William with two other Friars, Raymond de Rochefort and Garcias d’Aux, the latter a lay brother, headed a band of twelve martyrs who, in 1242, shed glory on the Convent of Toulouse. He also filled with great courage the Office of Inquisitor of the Faith, by order of Gregory IX, so that the Albigensian heretics resolved to destroy him at all hazards as their most formidable foe. Although warned of the dangers which threatened him, his ardor was by no means diminished and he was murdered at Aviguonnet by some heretics who had perfidiously offered him hospitality. On being struck down, Blessed William entoned the Te Deum. His companions took up the chant, while dragging themselves to the altar of Mary and dying one after another in the nave of the church. Among them were some Franciscans and Benedictines and several other priests. Not content with piercing Blessed William with wounds, the wretches tore out his tongue, as if in revenge for his having preached so successfully against their monstrous errors (1242). Paul III in a Bull speaks of these blessed martyrs, who worked several miracles. Sister Blanche, a religious of the monastery of Pronille, was cured of a diseased jaw by applying a relic of Blessed William.


My God pardon the obstinacy of heretics.


Say the Te Deum, when contradictions befall you.