Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 29 April

Saint Peter MartyrSaint Peter Martyr, O.P.

It often happens in families that the evil dispositions of parents are transmitted by birth and education to their children. Thanks to a special providence, our Saint, though born of heretical parents, remained always firm in the true faith. He received the habit of Saint Dominic at the age of fifteen from our holy Father himself, preserved all his life the lily of virginity without stain and was a perfect model of humility to all his brethren. He was distinguished for the integrity of his faith and was a martyr to the fundamental dogma of the unity of God, against the Manichaeans, who hold the doctrine of two rival principles, one good and the other evil, disputing the sovereignty of the world. In order to proclaim the truth to the last, at the moment when he was expiring at the hands of the assassins he dipped his finger in his blood and wrote on the sand: “I believe in one God.” The renown of his sanctity was so great and his miracles so numerous that he was canonized a year after his death. Carinus, the chief of his assassins, entered the Order as a lay brother and died in the odor of sanctity after forty years of penance. Saint Peter Martyr instituted at Florence and Milan a crusade against the heretics.


O God, Who art one alone, may all my actions render homage to Thee.


Meditate on these words of Our Lord to Saint Catherine of Siena: “Look at Peter, a virgin and martyr; as long as he breathed he did nothing but pray, preach and dispute with the heretics. I announced to him his death, but like a true knight he knew no fear, advancing boldly to the field of battle.”