Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 28 May

Blessed Maria BagnesiBlessed Maria Bartolomea

Whilst still very young, Blessed Maria exhorted her dying mother to make a good death, and after having lost her, she filled her place in governing the house with a prudence beyond her years. The very suggestion of marriage made her tremble all over. In order to preserve her from it, God visited her for forty-five years with strange illnesses, to which she added many voluntary penances, preserving always a joyful heart. “Why are you sad?” she would say to melancholy persons, “fulfill all your duties well, and Jesus, the Supreme Joy, will come and dwell in your heart” To those who visited her she would say: “Go to confession often, after having chosen a confessor who will teach you to pray and to be devout to Mary.” Although her director had given her leave for all the good works for which she felt inspired, she would not avail herself of so wide a permission and continued to give him an account of all. She received Extreme Unction eight times in the course of her various illnesses. Holy Mass was said in her room in order that she might communicate more easily. She died at Florence, whilst the Passion was being read to her (1577). Saint Mary Magdalen de Pazzi was cured at her tomb and saw Blessed Maria Bartolomea among the Blessed, equal to Saint Catherine of Siena.


O Jesus, make me to love hidden sufferings.


Avoid negligence and hurry in your domestic duties.