Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 28 January

photograph of a Saint Thomas Aquinas roundel, Convento de Las Duenas, Salamanca, Spain; swiped with permission from the flickr account of Father Lawrence Lew, OPTranslation of Saint Thomas Aquinas

Incredible though it seems, the body of Saint Thomas remained many years far from his religious brethren and without the honors which were due to it. Pope Urban V restored this precious treasure to the Order, and after long reflection he decided that the relic should go to enrich Toulouse, in preference to other cities

(1) because of the large, solemn and beautiful church which our Fathers possessed there,

(2) on account of the flourishing university in which they taught,

(3) because of the notable piety of the people of Toulouse.

The relics remained for a month at the Church of Notre Dame de Prouille, where they worked many miracles, among others that of raising a dead person to life. At Toulouse more than fifty thousand people with torches in their hands escorted the precious reliquary, and miracles were performed there also by the intercession of the holy Doctor (1389).

This day is the patronal feast of the Confraternity called “the Angelic Warfare,” which has for its end to increase among the faithful, and above all among students, that beautiful virtue of which Saint Thomas is at once both the type and the patron. The badge of this Confraternity is the blest cord, made on the model of that with which the angels girded Saint Thomas. The obligations are light, but the advantages enjoyed by members are numerous. Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, the lily of innocence, belonged to it.


Saint Thomas Aquinas, who didst desire to be buried among thy brethren, enable us worthily to venerate thy relics, and above all to possess thy spirit.


Propagate devotion to the cord of Saint Thomas.