Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 28 April

Saint Paul of the CrossSaint Paul of the Cross

This Saint had a special devotion to the Passion of Our Lord. His thirst for martyrdom led him to enroll himself as a soldier in an expedition against the Turks, hoping thus to die for the faith. But God destined him for another kind of warfare. He founded the Congregation of the Passionists, the most austere of modern Congregations of the regular clergy, a foundation foretold twenty years in advance by Venerable Father Louis Calco, O.P. The Passionists rise at midnight and practice many corporal mortifications in order to be conformed to the sufferings of Jesus and to obtain the conversion of sinners. They also take a fourth vow, to strive to reanimate in souls the remembrance of the Passion. Saint Paul of the Cross had such an ardent love for Jesus Christ that his clothes seemed to be burnt round his heart, and when preaching he could be heard at a great distance. He recommended to his sons the study of the doctrine of Saint Thomas, knowing well that it would render their life of prayer and apostolic preaching more solid. He had himself given the example by attending for some time the course of theological studies at the Minerva. On his death-bed Saint Paul of the Cross recommended his Institute to Father Boxadors, General of the Dominicans, and to the whole Order of Friars Preachers, whom he esteemed for their loyalty to the faith and loved for their devotion to Mary.


O Cross, although thou art so painful, the unction of grace makes m« love thee.


Try to spread devotion to the Way of the Cross and to the five wounds.