Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 27 May

Saint Pere Sans JordàSaints Peter Sanz, Francis Serrano, Joachim Royo, John Alcober and Francis Diaz, Martyrs, O.P.

These holy martyrs consecrated themselves to God in the Order of Saint Dominic in Spain whilst quite young. Their ardent aspirations were not satisfied by the considerable opportunities of doing good which are afforded to a Friar Preacher in a Christian country; they obtained leave to go to China to seek for souls, and also, if God would grant them such a grace, the palm of martyrdom. In Fo Kien while they were doing wonders in the way of conversions, a furious persecution arose. Two Tertiary Sisters, Teresa Crun, prioress and the widow Maria Hy, suffered perfect torments rather than disclose the dwelling place of the Fathers. At last however it was discovered, and the first of the five, Saints Peter Sanz, Vicar Apostolic and Bishop of Manricastro, was beheaded (1747). Saint Serrano and his companions were branded on the left cheek with the words “Chan Fan,” that is, “condemned to be beheaded.” “Never in our lives,” he wrote in the name of all, “have we been so happy. We are branded as the slaves of Jesus Christ, our heads are His, He can take them at His good pleasure.” He was suffocated in prison by the jailers as was also Saint Royo; Saints Alcober and Diaz were strangled. (1748)


O my God, how little do I love Thee! grant that my love may grow and outstrip my sufferings.


Read the 12th chapter of Book II of the Imitation of our Lord Jesus Christ.