Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 27 March

Blessed Hugh of Saint Cher, Cardinal, O.P.

Blessed Hugh, whose life was filled with good works in the service of truth and of the Church, was a disciple of Blessed Humbert. His first works were on the Bible; he revised the text and compiled the earliest concordance, called the “Concordance of Saint James,” and then a complete commentary. He fulfilled successfully, as Cardinal Legate, various missions for the peace of the Church and the reform of the monasteries. In Belgium he encouraged Blessed Julianna in the matter of the institution of a feast of the Blessed Sacrament, which met with the most violent opposition, and on the day of the solemnity he sang the Mass and preached a sermon. The Carmelites owe to him their primitive constitutions, as Saint Teresa said: “We observe the rule without any mitigation, such as it was given us by Cardinal Hugo.” He also defended the Dominican Sisters, whose direction the Fathers had given up to attend to their other works. “The garden of the Church,” he said in his graceful way, “has produced roses separate from the rose-tree, but we desire now to replace them on the branches by the authority of the Pope.” It is related that in his last moments, in his humility, and feeling deeply the responsibility of his office, he cried out: “It would have been better for me to have remained covered with leprosy in my humble monastic state than to have been created cardinal.” (1263)


O my God, give grace to the Sacred College to be a powerful help to the Vicar of Christ.


Frequent reading of Holy Scripture, chosen according to the advice of a wise director.