Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 27 February or 28 in a Leap-Year

Venerable Father Louis James Olivier, Called “The Blessed,” Tertiary, O.P.

Venerable Louis was a rough peasant, violent and irreligious, and during his married life, he treated his wife most cruelly. But during a mission given at Lambesc by the Fathers of Saint Maximin, he was completely transformed, and, receiving the habit of the Third Order, he led a life more like a Trappist than that of a simple laborer. Every day he heard several Masses, kneeling out of humility at the end of the church and then gave himself up to hard work, enduring in silence the jeers of the village folk, who ridiculed his silence and austerity. Yet he could on occasion speak plain truths to some great personages who came to him and showed him veneration. The spiritual conversations of this unlearned man were so exalted, so luminous and full of unction that both the Venerable Father Antony of the Blessed Sacrament and Father Massonlie were struck with admiration. “Depart from me, O Lord, for I am a great sinner,” he was heard to say in the midst of these celestial favors. He continued this life of prayer and penance for forty years, and died, as he wished, on a Saturday, eve of the Holy Rosary (1686). Saturday was also the day on which Saint Louis and Saint Liguori, out of devotion to Mary, chose for giving their largest alms, because they desired that they should be offered through the heart and by the hands of their divine Mother.


O God, most merciful, I will never despair of my conversion!


Read chapter fifty-seven, of Book III of the “Imitation.”