Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 26 May

Saint Philip NeriSaint Philip Neri, Confessor

The ardor of Saint Philip’s love for God was so great that it caused his heart to beat so violently that the ribs were visibly displaced on one side. His was a joyous love. He often repeated to others this maxim: “Scruples and melancholy, depart from my dwelling.” But he desired that this holy gaiety should be the result of confidence in God and forgetfulness of self, and for this reason he mortified self-love in the persons whom he directed in the most trying and ingenious manner. He had a particular affection for the Friars Preachers, because he had noticed when among the Dominicans of Saint Mark’s, Florence, in his youth, that this cheerfulness of soul was one of their chief characteristics. He attended the Divine Office with his penitents, even that of the night, took the novices of the Minerva out for walks, and often sent elect souls, aspirants after his own heart, to fill their ranks. Saint Pius V honored him with his confidence, but could never induce him to accept the dignity of Cardinal. Saint Philip founded the Congregation of the Oratory, the aim of which is the practice of common life for the clergy and the sanctification of the people by the work of preaching and hearing confessions. He also did much to encourage the devotion of the Forty Hours in honor of the Blessed Sacrament. (1595)


To try to pray without mortification, is like trying to fly without wings. – Saint Philip Neri


Do not your troubles and sadness spring from self-love?