Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 26 January

Saint Margaret of HungaryBlessed Margaret of Hungary, Virgin, O.P.

When but a child in her mother’s arms, Blessed Margaret was offered by her father, King Bela, to God as a tender victim for the driving out of the Tartar hordes, who were laying waste the whole kingdom. Penetrated with this spirit of self-sacrifice to which she seemed to be destined, she embraced with generous love all the austerities of the cloister. She made her profession at the age of twelve in the hands of Blessed Humbert, who had been elected Master General of the Order at the Chapter of Buda and who had fallen ill in Hungary. Her great compunction of heart led her to add to the Divine Office at one time a whole Psalter, at another a thousand ejaculatory prayers along with a thousand inclinations in honor of God the Father, or of the Holy Ghost, or of Our Lady. One of her favorite practices of piety was to hold the Communion cloth for the Sisters. Her love of God overflowed in works of charity to her Sisters and she devoted herself especially to those afflicted with any contagious disease. Seeing her one day praying and doing penance for the troubles of the Church, some one said to her: “Why distress yourself so? In what does it concern you?” “What!” she replied, “is not the Church the mother of every Christian?” She died at the age of twenty-eight (1270). She is especially invoked against malarial fevers her monastery having been built on an island exposed to this scourge.


O Blessed Margaret, obtain light for earthly princes to understand that, in maintaining religion, they further their own interests and that of their people.


Say the “Miserere” to atone for the faults of your country and to obtain its salvation.