Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 26 February or 27 in a Leap-Year

Venerable Father Peter Rondon, O.P., Apostle of the Indians

Whilst yet only a deacon, Father Peter saw himself reduced to the last extremity by illness and felt afraid at having done so little for God and having no time to make up for the past. The Blessed Virgin appeared to him and promised to cure him: “But take care,” she said, “to serve me well.” She kept her word and cured him and he, on his part, faithful to his benefactress’ commands, became a missionary and founded in Peru three Confraternities of the Holy Rosary, well organized and full of devotion, one for the Spaniards, one for the negroes and one for the Indians. On Sundays he might be seen, beside himself with joy and fervor, conducting the procession of two thousand Indians, zealous members of the association. Venerable Father Peter had an impediment in his speech, but when he preached about Mary, his pronunciation became easy and fluent, and he was so eloquent that his audiences were moved to tears. He died full of the greatest confidence towards the Blessed Virgin. Such is the usual recompense of those who have practiced a tender, constant, serious and practical devotion towards the Queen of Heaven. Examples of this may be read in the sixth chapter of Part I of the “Lives of the Brethren,” entitled: “How Our Lady Specially Loves and Protects Our Order.”


What would have become of me, O my God, if I had died in such an illness, or at such a time of my youth.


Listen to Mary, who says to you: “My child, take great pains to serve me well. I shall know how to reward you a hundredfold.”