Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 26 April

Blessed Dominic and Blessed Gregory, Confessors, O.P.

These two holy religious distinguished themselves in Spain by an ardent desire to follow in the footsteps of our holy father Saint Dominic. Although they exercised their zeal in all parts, they had a special attraction to preach the Gospel to those living in the mountain districts, most worthy on account of their neglected state and their ignorance, and also most dear to God on account of their simplicity. One day these two Friars were near Bezany when a terrible storm coming on obliged them to take shelter under a rock. The huge mass, shaken it is said by the demon who was irritated by their zeal, but in any case by the permission of God, Who knew them to be ready for death, fell upon and crushed them to death. At the same time the bells of the neighboring country all rang out of themselves to celebrate the ascension of the two religious to their heavenly country, and the people, guided by a miraculous light, found them clasped in a fraternal embrace and exhaling a delicious perfume, like that of crushed spikenard or cinnamon. When the tempest roars, or when drought desolates the country, their holy relics are exposed in the porch of the church, and many graces are obtained through their intercession.


O my God, I accept beforehand the hour and all the circumstances of my death, but preserve me from dying without Thy grace.


Do you abandon yourself willingly to God in all that regards your health, your fortune, your safety in journeys? Have you confidence that He will supply you bountifully with the means of salvation?