Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 25 March

detail from 'Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary' by Fra AngelicoThe Annunciation

The Most Blessed Virgin was engaged in prayer, in the silence of the night, with humility and fervent desires, when the Angel announced to her the great wonder of her Divine maternity. But he awaited her concurrence, “because,” says Saint Thomas, “she represented the whole human race to whom God, in honor, left the merit of concurring freely in the work of salvation.” “My soul, be filled with confusion in seeing how God forms an alliance with thee through Mary. Thou must understand that that which is done for thee cannot save thee without thine own consent, since He seeks to know Mary’s will and awaits her consent” (Saint Catherine of Siena). Scarcely has the Blessed Virgin said her “Fiat” than Heaven descends to earth and men become capable of attaining Heaven – a moment unique in the world’s history, which repairs forty centuries of misfortunes and prepares countless centuries of grace and glory. It is, therefore, not without good reason that in the Order of Saint Dominic, when the Martyrology announcing this feast is read in choir, all the religious are required to be present and to prostrate on the ground, to tender thanks to the great mercy of God, Who alone can work such miracles. Several religious Orders are consecrated to honor this mystery, especially the Annonciades, founded by Saint Jane of Valois.


O my God, Thou art Beauty, I am deformity; Thou art Light, I am darkness; Thou art Wisdom, I am folly; Thou art Life, I am death. Saint Catherine of Siena


With what fidelity, devotion and external reverence do I recite the Angelus three times each day?