Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 25 February or 26 in a Leap-Year

Blessed Constantius of FabrianoBlessed Constantius Fabriano, O.P.

Blessed Constantius used to say the Office of the Dead every day and the whole Psalter often, and he declared that when he had recited it for any special intention he had never failed to obtain what he desired. When asked to say it for the defeat of the Turks in Greece, he began several times, but could never finish it; the measure of mercy was full, God willed to punish the guilty Christians by their means. After Matins, Constantius often remained in the choir, and his prayer under cover of the darkness and silence became so fervent that his cries and sobs could be heard at a distance. He belonged to the school of Saint Catherine of Sienna, whose disciples, meditating on the sorrows of the Church, acquired the gift of tears and thus offered reparation to God. During his missions, Blessed Constantius several times miraculously increased the supply of bread to provide for those around him. But above all, he had the precious gift of reconciling those at variance. His special work in the religious life was to foster the spirit of regular observance in his Convent of Saint Lucy in Fabriano, as was done in other countries by Blessed Eberhard of Nuremburg, Francis Retza, Conrad of Prussia, etc. He had the consolation of seeing the soul of Saint Antoninus ascend to Heaven; he had been his pupil in the novitiate (1481).


Blessed Constantius, give me fervor in the recitation of the Psalms, especially the 118th Psalm, of which the recommendations regarding the law of God apply so well to religious observance.


Be an angel of peace by your example and your words.