Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 23 May

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, Church of Saint-Pierre de Melesse; date and artist unknown; photographed on 7 December 2013 by GO69; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsBlessed Grignon de Montfort, Tertiary, O.P., Apostle of the Rosary

Blessed Grignon was especially the missioner of the country districts. His grave and simple eloquence, his constant activity and his austere life rendered him very well suited for this vocation. He had a great love of poverty, and the exercise of this virtue always gives the apostle a great moral authority over the people; the house in which he lodged he called “the House of Providence,” in order to show that he lived not according to his own choice or to seek his own comforts, but that he desired to live without solicitude and on alms. In the midst of the most searching trials he only repeated: “God wills it.” During his missions he employed with great success as a means of softening souls, the singing of beautiful hymns which he had himself composed; and in the recitation of the Rosary he saw an excellent means of imparting solid religious instruction which was at the same time pleasant and agreeable. The crosses which he erected served to perpetuate the fruits of the mission in each district. His devotion to the Cross and Passion was so great that he often began his letters with these words, “A thousand crosses for a blessing.” His devotion to Saint Dominic as institutor of the Rosary, decided him to enter the Third Order. Blessed Grignon is the founder of the Congregation of the Fathers of the Society of Mary, and also of the Sisters of Wisdom (1716).


My God, give to preachers a love for the country missions.


Reverently salute the Crosses you pass by the way, pray for those who erect them and ask God to pardon those who treat them with irreverence.