Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 23 March

Blessed Maurice of Hungary, Confessor, O.P.

On the death of his parents the guardians of Blessed Maurice obliged him to marry the daughter of a Count Palatine. But his bride and he mutually agreed to enter the Order and no ill treatment could shake their resolution. Blessed Maurice had a great zeal for the Divine Office; he called the Friars for Matins, helped the sacristan to ring the bells, prepared the altar and supplied the sanctuary-lamp by the proceeds of his guests. He recited the Psalter and the Litany of the Saints every day. He had a charitable and recollected soul; if he heard frivolous matters discussed he would smile and then slip away; but, if it was a matter of settling a dispute he was always ready to interpose and establish peace. After his death he was seen, to the admiration of all, gently to open his eyes at the elevation of the Sacred Host and of the chalice at the Requiem Mass. He appeared to his Provincial in dazzling white and said to him: “I live in God, yet know, nevertheless, that at the hour of death I was in great peril, but I escaped through the Divine mercy.” Was it a temptation to presumption, or against faith or against hope? He did not explain. A blind person was cured by rubbing his eyes with dust from the tomb of Blessed Maurice (1336).


I would, O my God, that my heart were like the sanctuary-lamp, burning and being consumed for Thee.


Avoid with great care all that may trouble peace and seek by all good means to restore it.