Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 23 April

Venerable Father Peter Quintin, Confessor, O.P.

Peter was following honorably the profession of arms, was brave, well-disciplined, a defender of the oppressed, when one day a voice from on high said to him: “Take and read.” He came across the “Confessions of Saint Augustine” and was led by them to despise the world and embrace the religious state. On the day of his first Mass, he distributed among the poor the sumptuous repast which had been prepared and would only eat of what was left. It was in 1602 that he took the habit of the Order by the advice of the Venerable Le Noblets and he maintained great fervor in spite of the laxity then unfortunately prevalent. His apostolic zeal was exercised all over Brittany. He knew the Gospel of Saint Matthew and the Epistles of Saint Paul by heart and when pronouncing the Holy Name, he seemed to be taken out of himself. A bishop came to visit him, and wishing out of veneration to make way for the holy man, the latter fell at his feet and kissed them, and then in the ardor of his faith, taking the bishop in his arms, he carried him to the threshold of the cloister. At the time of the carnival, he showed an astonishing boldness in stopping disorders, even driving away gamblers and taking their money if they showed resistance. He possessed the gift of prophecy as well as that of miracles, and one day he calmed a violent storm on the sea by dipping his rosary into it.


O my God, grant that instead of drawing me away, the indifference which I see in the world may increase my fervor.


Read chapter thirty-six of Book X of the “Confessions of Saint Augustine,” or chapter eight of Book III of the “Imitation of Jesus Christ.”