Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 22 May

statue of Saint Servatus with his key, defeating a dragon representing heresy; date and artist unknown; Basilica of Saint Servatius, Grimbergen, Belgium; photographed on 12 March 2012 by Mattana; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsSaint Servatius, Bishop

Saint Servatius was Bishop of Tongres in Belguim, where he was famous for his learning and sanctity and defended the true Faith as set forth by the Council of Nicea against the Arians especially at the Councils of Cologne, of Sardica and of Rimini. His devotion tp the truth did not in any way diminish his love of his country and he constantly besought God to deliver it from the barbarians, whose incursions became more and more threatening. But Saint Peter appeared to him and told him that God, Who was offended, would permit the Huns to invade Gaul, which invasion came to pass, and for one hundred years Tongres suffered from the effects of this disaster till the time of the conversion of Clovis. Saint Servatius died in 384. It was on the day of his feast that Charles Martel won his celebrated victory over the Sarscens at Portiers. The Order of Friars Preachers honors Saint Servatius as one of its benefactors, because, through a miraculous dream, he preserved the Fathers assembled for a General Chapter at Cologne from being massacred, by warning them to fly from the ambushes of Souths of Bavaria, their sworn enemy, who desired to put them all to death and through them to strike a blow at the whole Order. They afterwards reassembled at Maestricht (384).


My God, I thank Thee for all the graces granted to the Order of Saint Dominic and I earnestly beg the continuance of Thy divine protection, and that good fruit may result from the holding of General Chapters.


Pray that the plotting of secret societies may be brought to naught.