Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 22 January

Venerable Father Antony Massoulie, O.P.

Venerable Father Antony received the habit at Toulouse and soon gave evidence of an active, well-informed mind, a sound and delicate judgment, a tender, docile heart and a charming modesty of demeanor. Employed in teaching philosophy, he rendered it as profitable to his own perfection as to the instruction of the students. He also studied mathematics and astronomy in their relation to the science of theology and often reproached himself with having too great an attraction for these studies. Having been made Socius to the Master General in Rome, he converted, as much by his virtue as by his knowledge of Hebrew, a celebrated Rabbi, to the great admiration of all Italy. About this time true piety was in danger from the erroneous assertions and insinuations of Quietism. Under pretext of leading the soul to a pure love, free from all self-interest, it discouraged some and led others into a false mysticism, contrary to the nature of man, who can and ought to seek his happiness in the accomplishment of duty and the possession of God. In this way it came about that this heresy lessened among the faithful that measure of divine love which it pretended to increase. Father Massoulie labored to refute this error by his treatises on “Divine Love” and on “True Prayer”. It is believed that at the hour of his death several saints, among others Saint Raymund of Pennafort, came to assure him of eternal happiness (1706).


How good and wise Thou art, O my God, to make my happiness Thine honor!


Make three acts of love of God, love of complaisance in His perfections, love of gratitude for His gifts and love of the desire of possessing Him always.