Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 22 April

Venerable Father Bernardine of Lucca, Confessor, O.P.

After having founded the Association of the Regular Clerks of the Mother of God, Father Bernardine was of great assistance in re-establishing regular discipline in his own Order, and for this purpose he founded the Congregation of the Abruzzi. He was at Rome at the time when there was question of condemning the works of Savonarola and he used every entreaty to avert this misfortune. Saint Philip Neri, who joined with him in these supplications, cried out in ecstasy: “Victory, victory, our prayer is heard,” In fact, no censure was passed, only certain sermons were disapproved which were open to false interpretation. Father Bernardine, as an act of thanksgiving, established certain exercises on the Fridays in Lent. The Litanies were sung, then the Miserere, alternately by the Friars and the people, then a sermon was preached calculated to excite compunction and to promote progress in Christian perfection. This Father was one of those charged by Saint Pius V, then cardinal, to control the exercises given by Saint Philip at the Oratory, which certain jealous people described as grotesque and wanting in sound doctrine. The result was all in praise of the saint, who regarded him with lively gratitude.


Forgive me, O my God, for having criticised sermons which were not to my taste.


Assist at some pious exercise on Saturdays, or choose some to be performed in your own house.