Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 21 June

Saint Aloysius GonzagaSaint Louis Gonzaga, S.J.

As a child Saint Louis Gonzaga‘s aspirations after sanctity began very early, and he struggled with energy against his faults, without being discouraged by difficulties and falls, for, as he said: “He who is sad and downcast when he has committed a fault shows that he does not know himself; he does not remember that he has sprung from a soil which can only produce thorns and thistles.” After his admission into the Society of Jesus, his virtues shone out in a heroic degree. The son of a prince, he delighted in poverty, he had in his cell only two small pictures, one of Saint Catherine, Virgin and Martyr, and the other of Saint Thomas Aquinas, for he belonged to the Angelic Warfare and always wore the cord. Loving obedience greatly, he always preferred in doubtful cases to obtain an express permission rather than presume on one. His chief mortification consisted in conforming to the common practices of the community which, by their continual recurrence, form a very mortifying and meritorious trial and he devoted himself to the most servile and hidden occupations. He died in 1597. Benedict XIII, O.P., canonized him and declared him the patron of youth. Who knows how much good has been done by the devotion of the six Sundays observed in his honor in order to obtain the grace of purity, success in studies, light as to vocation and similar graces?


O Lord, blot out the sins and ignorances of my youth!


Study the art of making use of your defects whilst awaiting your deliverance from them.