Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 21 April

Blessed Bartholomew, Martyr, O.P.

Blessed Bartholomew was while still young so distinguished for learning that he was considered worthy to be made licenciate, doctor and master in theology all in one day. He showed his zeal in forming to the interior life the religious of Savigliano and Revello. Being sent to Cerveri as Inquisitor, he had a revelation of his death, and to prepare himself for it, he made a very fervent confession before setting out. Soon after he was attacked by five heretics, who laid wait for him by the way and pierced his body all over with their lances. Three wonders appeared at his martyrdom; it was at sunset, but a new sun appeared in the east, as a symbol of the brightness of his faith; at the place where he was killed there grew up a tree whose branches and leaves were in the form of a cross, and his body, though lacerated, did not shed one drop of blood under the weapons of the assassins, yet when his brethren came to bury it, streams of blood flowed from the wounds. He is invoked against hail and lightning. He revived and spread the pious custom of putting the monogram of Christ at the beginning of letters and of books and over houses. (1466)


O Jesus, let faith be the sun of my soul, even in the ordinary actions of life.


Examine if all the actions of your life are marked with the Cross.