Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 20 May

Blessed Columba of RietiBlessed Columba of Rieti, Virgin, O.P.

Blessed Columba was born on the feast of the Purification and was named Angelo. But, as during the ceremony of her baptism a dove was seen to alight on her head, she was usually called Columba and by this name she is best known and it truly expresses the purity of her life. At the age of ten she consecrated herself to God by a vow of virginity and kept it in spite of the most terrible assaults of the demon, by applying herself continually to prayer and penance. Her bed consisted of a plank or a heap of thorns. She founded a monastery of the Order at Perugia which she dedicated to Saint Catherine of Sienna. It was intended to carry on there the education of young girls of noble family, because Blessed Columba understood well that these, being once raised above their little vanities and luxuries and imbued with a truly Christian spirit, would exercise a wide and happy influence amidst their social surroundings. Blessed Columba was see to fall into an ecstasy through respect on merely touching the border of the vestment of Pope Alexander VI, although at another time she had dared to administer to him such a severe but well-merited rebuke that he had been unable to eat anything for a whole day. Blessed Columba died saying: “Lord my sweet Lord, receive me.” (1501)


Blessed Columba, obtain for me the gift of simplicity.


Thank God for the good education you have received, a benefit you will not be able entirely to appreciate till the judgment day.