Saints and Saintly Dominicans – 20 March

Venerable Father Claud Pleure, Confessor, O.P.

Venerable Father Claud spent all his life in catechising, hearing confessions, visiting the sick and instructing the ignorant. The Huguenots of Saint Die having destroyed the Convent of Saint Dominic, taken the revenues and driven out the religious, Father Claud was sent there to establish the community and erect a bulwark against heresy. He obtained from Parliament an order which obliged the heretics to repair the damage they had done, and this he did less by human cleverness than by the intercession of Saint Francis de Sales, whom he had once heard preaching to the judges about their duties and to whom he had vowed to address a prayer every day of his life. In spite of losing their case, the Huguenots could not help exclaiming: “Truly he is a saint.” He so loved regular observance that, when any special work was proposed to him, his first thought was to see how he could do it without its interfering with the community exercises. In his humility he called himself “the old sinner.” But he put all his confidence in Mary. “It is in the daily recitation of the Rosary,” he said when dying, “and not on any action of my life that I found my hope of salvation.” When any one visited him, during his last illness and wished him “good day,” he said he would rather they wished him a good eternity. (1687)


My God, have pity on me, who, though perhaps young in years, am already old in sin.


Pray to Saint Francis de Sales for Protestants.